The Baby Plan

The first year flies by. Before you know it your little one will be crawling, talking and walking and becoming little boys and girls.  At Little Miracles we aim to capture all these not-to-be-missed moments in beautiful professional portraits that will mark your baby’s growth during the first year. From first smiles and belly giggles, to the never-ending curiosity that all one year old’s shine with, get ready to create some amazing memories that will stay with you always. After all, they’re only little for a little while.2wlogo

Little Miracles Baby Plan Booking Investment is BD 650 and Includes 4 Memorable Milestone Sessions:

Maternity (recommended at 30-36 Weeks Pregnancy)

Newborn (in the first 2 weeks of life)

Sitting Up (6-9 months old)

1st Birthday Cakesmash (10-14 months old)


Those fond memories of motherhood begin with the beautiful baby bump. For the perfect maternity session, we recommend scheduling during your seventh month (30-36 weeks). We will flatteringly pose you to capture you at your best.


30 minute session in the studio, 2 looks, and 15 image gallery


Welcoming your newborn into the world will be one of the most miraculous events in your life.  Because this magical stage of life passes in the blink of an eye, newborn portraits are captured during the first two weeks of life while your little one is still well-fed, sleepy and content. Little Miracles will keep your due date on file and stay in touch with you as the exciting day approaches to fit you in at just the perfect time.


Newborn and Parents, 1-2 hour session in the studio, 3 looks including sleepy baby posing and sets, and 20 image gallery


Sitting babies make the absolute best models, since they cannot crawl away and are easily amused with peek-a-boo and squeaky toys. Portraits at this stage capture the beginnings of those dynamic personalities that will be with you forever, and give a glimpse into a small person interacting with their environment as only those small bundles of delight can.


30 minute studio session, 2 looks, and 15 image gallery


As the first birthday is a greatly anticipated milestone in every family, Little Miracles creates a first birthday session like no other! At this age, your toddler will be interacting in lots of fun ways with lots of energy and shining character which you do not want to miss. Add in a beautiful birthday cake for baby to dive into by Zeeba’s kitchen as our gift to you!


45 minute studio session, 1 classic look, 1 cakesmash set with cake and custom decor, and 20 Image gallery

* The cake is free from all preservatives, additives, artificial colorings and refined sugar.  Coconut sugar is used when needed.  Please let us know if there are any special dietary restrictions and requirements and we will be happy to accommodate.